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Vinyl siding is an ever increasing popular choice in home remodeling. No matter how reserved or eccentric your personality is, there is a color and a style to match it. Cautious of the environment? Fiber cement siding is your best choice. Looking to lower overall energy costs? Insulated CedarBoards by Certainteed would help you out. On a tight budget? Millcreek by Mastic is affordable yet durable. The possibilities are endless and at times can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, with our knowledge and expertise we are able to help you make the best decision for your home, family and budget.


We are proud to serve all of NH, and parts of MA, ME and VT!


Our products include:

CertainTeed and Mastic




Vinyl Siding and Polymer Shakes 


What is polymer siding?

This kind of siding is made from polypropylene resin. The typical application for this kind of siding is Shake and Shingle cladding with a cedar pattern which can be used as a whole house application or in accent areas. Polymer siding utilizes an injection molding process that enables the final product to have a highly defined three-dimensional pattern in a variety of styles, sizes and colors.



Here at M S Twamley Exteriors we are committed to bringing our customers a wide variety of siding options. Pair that with our dedication to offering you our lowest, up front pricing and were well on our way to making your remodel as quick and painless as possible. Below are some of our installed siding prices, which include underlayment, standards corners and Jay channel etc.. Soffit and facia metal are priced separate in order to keep each individual job priced as competitively as possible .


Siding Options by Certainteed

(Click on each name to view picture example and specifications)

please note that these prices are not legally  binding. They represent the price for an average, single family home 1-2 stories. The prices are subject to change and do NOT include soffit and facia metal.


Try CertainTeed's free online home visualizer. See what color and type of siding looks best on your home.


Price: $4.50/square foot  installed


Mainstreet siding offers consistent quality, good looks and is the ideal choice for homeowners looking for value with the benefits of   premium panels. Comes in many classic styles such as natural wood grain or brushed appearance and of course is backed with Certainteeds limited lifetime warranty.



Monogram 46

Prices: $4.62/ square foot for Standard and dark colors installed

               $4.85/square foot for Deluxe colors installed

               $5.17/square foot for Premium colors installed

.046" thickness

Molded from hand picked cedar clapboards, Monogram yields the most realistic natural wood look available and fits any home where the look of natural wood is important. Available in 35 low gloss colors, the widest color selection in the industry, and 5 new water colors, Monogram is backed by Certainteeds Perma Color lifetime fade protection. Monogram also offers 16 and 20 foot panels in 12 colors to significantly reduce seams.


Cedar Boards- Insulated Siding

Price: $6.00/ per square foot installed

.044" thick

Custom, contoured, rigid foam insulation provides strength for solid support and outstanding impact resistance. Five times better than traditional hollow siding. The insulation is treated with fire retardant and insect repellant, and contains no ozone depleting chemicals. Molded from real cedar boards and gives the appearance of wide board wood siding. Also comes in XL for a smoother, more continuous appearance.

Insulated siding increases R-value up to 22% for reduced heating and cooling costs. Typical house R-value is 18. Cedar Boards also absorb sounds for reduced exterior noise infiltration. Cedar Boards aid in the compensations of minor imperfections in your walls.

Available in up to 18 low gloss colors, its virtually maintenance free and backed by Certainteed's lifetime limited warranty. Installed with patented STUDfinder installation for an accurate and secure installation.


 Watch descriptive video here as well.


Northwood :

Price: $6.00/square foot installed

.50" thickness

Northwood single 7" straight edge rough split shakes wont rot, crack or split like wood can. never requires painting or costly upkeep.

The rugged styling of Northwoods siding offers the perfect foundation for distinctive exterior designs. Northwoods can be combined with other Certainteed siding styles, textures and shapes-an ideal option for creating accent areas or highlighting special architectural features. Northwoods are molded from real cedar shakes and are also available in random hand split shakes.

Cedar Impressions

Price: $6.43/square foot installed

.100" thickness

Cedar Impressions true texture finish molded from real cedar shingles gives Cedar Impressions the natural look of cedar shingle siding without the expense and heavy maintenance of wood. Designed and tested to withstand hurricane force winds and of course backed by Certainteeds lifetime limited warranty, Cedar Impressions are available in 25 low-gloss colors with a wide variety of coordinating trim and available in 6 different styles.

Triple 5" straight edge perfection shingles

New Double 7" straight edge perfection shingles

Double 7" staggered perfection shingles

Double 7" straight edge rough split shakes

Double 9" staggered rough split shakes

Double 6 1/4" half round shingles


Cedar Impressions Naturals 

Price $7.10/square foot  installed


See nature in all its beauty...sunlight filtering through towering trees, deep shadows and changing patterns,and the gentle hues and bold strokes of natures artistry. This the inspiration for Cedar Impressions Naturals.

With a decidedly down to earth design, Cedar Impressions Naturals captures the authentic look of cedar treated with a semi-transparent stain. Its a style that celebrates the beauty of wood, by emphasizing rugged textures,revealing deep shadows and highlighting subtle variations in color.

For a forest hideaway, a seaside retreat, or a home that's simply in harmony with its natural surroundings, Cedar Impressions Naturals is the perfect way to stay in tune with the great outdoors.


Beaded (vertical)

Board and Batten (vertical)


Siding options by Mastic

(Click on each name to view picture example and specifications)

please note that these prices are not legally  binding. They represent the price for an average, single family home 1-2 stories. The prices are subject to change and do NOT include soffit and facia metal.


Try Mastics home visualizer to see what their products would look like on a home similar to yours!


Millcreek -

Price: $4.39/square foot installed

.040" Thickness

Millcreek is defined as durable, dependable and beautiful. Available in 13 colors and backed by Mastics limited lifetime warranty, Millcreek defines a new standard of value.



Prices: $4.43/square foot installed for Standard colors

               $4.55/square foot installed for Dark colors

.042" Thickness

Ovation can be summed up as no paints, no stains, no hassles. Strength and durability are just two of the characteristics that make Ovation by Mastic a great choice for any homeowner. Available in 20 different colors, and 4 panel styles, there is a look and style for everyone.


Carvedwood 44-

Prices: $4.51/square foot installed for Standard colors

               $4.62/square foot installed for Dark colors

.044" Thickness

Carvedwood 44 delivers the beauty of real wood, with endless design options. With 23 colors, 700+ dreamcolor hues, 5 profiles and 2 finishes (smooth and woodgrain) to choose from, one can recreate their home's exterior in the blink of an eye. Carvedwood 44 is also backed by Mastic's limited lifetime warranty.


Quest Signature- prices to come

.046" Thickness

Quest Signature gives an authentic wood appearance that has incomparable beauty, with unmatched performance. Tested to withstand winds of 240mph, Quest Signature is tornado tough, with a double thick nail hem whcih keeps it firmly in position. Availble in longer lengths, for 50% fewer seams and endless color possiblilties including cedar shades, Quest Signature is the perfect choice for the house that wants to stand out on the block.



Prices: $4.63/square foot installed for Standard colors

               $4.83/square foot installed for Dark colors

               $5.11/square foot installed for Premium colors

.046" Thickness

Quest, which is available in the same 3/4 panel projection and .046 thickness as its counterpart, Quest Signature has one defining feature that makes it stand out in the crowd, its a green product. Approved by the NAHB research center, Quest complies with the specific green practice criteria. More information on this is available at www.greenapporvedproducts.com



How long is the siding warranted for?

CertainTeed and Mastic vinyl sidings, with the exceptions of Wolverine Newtown, are warranted for the lifetime of the original owner against manufacturing defects. Upon transfer of the property the siding is warranted from the date of installation for fifty years.

We also offer Fiber Cement Siding.


What is Fiber Cement Siding?


Facts about Fiber Cement


    • Available in a variety of colors and textures such as wood, slate and stucco.
    • Stained fiber cement in your choice of 6 shades provides the subtle elegance of stained wood without the worries
    • Environmentally Friendly

    Our proprietary patented formula

    contains 50% recycled material

    fly ash, diverting nearly 100,000

    tons from landfills each year and

    our manufacturing facilities recycle

    water used, saving more than

    2 billion gallons a year.

    • Safety

    Non-combustible and carries a

    Class A (1) Flame Spread Rating.

    Fiber cement does not catch on

    fire and it won't ignite.

    • Superior Durability

    CertainTeed Fiber Cement won't

    rot and is impervious to wood

    boring insects.

    FiberTect Sealing System ensures

    better moisture resistance. It

    penetrates into the siding and forms

    a "double bond" between the board,

    FiberTect and paint creating a longer

    lasting, better looking finish.

    CertainTeed Fiber Cement resists

    the negative effects of salt spray

    and UV rays and does not succumb

    to the stress of freeze-thaw cycles, which is perfect for the unpredictable weather of New England (we serve NH, parts of MA, ME and VT)

    • Peace of Mind

    Comes with an excellent warranty


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.The options are vast and possibilities endless and can prove to be quite overwhelming at times.  With our extensive knowledge and experience we are more than happy to assist you in making the best decision for your home, lifestyle and budget.




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